25 Facts About Me


  1. My full name is Brittany Jean Cameron
  2. My birthday is the 20th of December, 5 days before christmas and I don’t hate it.
  3. I am engaged and have been with my partner for six years in June 2017.
  4. My legs always have bruises on them, don’t ask me how I got them because I couldn’t tell you.
  5. I can’t for the life of me eat mashed potato, it makes me gag. I can eat baked potato though?
  6. I have two brothers and one sister, not full though, they are all half related.
  7. I became a mother this year in August to a gorgeous little girl.
  8. I have seven tattoos.
  9. I hate being in small confined spaces, don’t we all though?
  10. I am a fussy eater and stick to what I know and love.
  11. I just recently moved out of home after living with my dad for 20 years.
  12. I get uncomfortable very easily.
  13. I hate people touching me.
  14. I have recently discovered I have a love of cooking.
  15. I have two cats and two dogs whom I love dearly. I wish for more though.
  16. I have a phobia of lizards.
  17. I love looking a stars, they fascinate me.
  18. I will only make wishes on a shooting star and eyelashes.
  19. A cup of tea instantly relaxes me.
  20. I used to have an obsession with playing and designing houses on the sims. If I didn’t like a person at school I would make them on the sims and then kill them. Crazy? A little bit.
  21. I love watching crime documentaries, or any documentaries on the past. It interests me.
  22. If I’m at home I am always in either pyjama bottoms or no pants.
  23. When I was born I had two people waiting at the end of my mothers hospital bed with a baseball mitt ready to catch me. Weird? I know.
  24. I couldn’t read an analog clock until a few years ago. If you ask me the time and there is an analog clock it will still take me a few minutes to read it.
  25. Last but not least, I hate mess. I have always been taught to be tidy, and If my house is messy. I can not deal.

• Check out my instagram: brittjcameron
• Email any business enquires to: brittanyjcameron@gmail.com 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tricia says:

    Jewlery preference !


    1. What do you mean? I like rose gold jewellery, that would have to be my favourite. I have a watch I wear every now and again which is the brand Mimco as well as the bracelet I am always wearing. I don’t like wearing alot of rings otherwise my hands feel to chunky. I like simplistic jewellery.


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